Are for Digital SLR camera users, they are flexible in time, location and genre, they are tailored to your needs, whatever it is you are struggling with will be evaluated and explained to you in a simple non technical way, or if you're learning from scratch that's fine too...I'm happy with groups up to 4 or alternatively One to One tuition is also available.

Genres covered
- Landscapes - Nature - Macro - Motorsport - Wildlife -

Workshop content

A practical camera workshop to find out more about what can be acheived when given a good understanding of settings, the key functions and how to use them well... "The foundation of good photography".

- Guidance & advice to help you understand your cameras key settings & what they do.
- How to evaluate the conditions of the day and deal with them in the camera.
- Setting up the camera for your chosen topic & understanding the possible options.
- Basic photographic and camera principles including shutter speed, aperture, exposure
- Use of different Priority shooting modes, Shutter speed, Aperture priority
- How to assess what you want from your image & avoid the pitfalls.
- Perspective and composition make your images more dynamic.
- Follow up image review meeting in the studio for assessment and critique

Other topics covered include...

- How to freeze the action or how to capture movement
- Depth of field how to isolate the subject and diffuse the background
- Evaluate the components of your the image you want to take and compose it thoughtfully
- Shooting in low or poor quality light and at night
- Image quality settings jpeg & raw

If you've got an idea of what you want to cover then go to the Contact page and let me know your thoughts, your location of choice (if you have one) dates you want to do the workshop on and I can, if needed organise the rest!

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