Portrait photography covers many areas of life, such as... - JUST YOU - COUPLES / PARTNERS -FAMILY / FRIENDS - BABY BUMPS - BABY - CHILDREN - MODELS - ACTORS - BANDS - EVEN PETS - to name but a few...these shoots can be carried out in a studio or out on location, it's your choice, if you need advice just ask.

Studio sessions can be done with a variety of backdrops and different lighting techniques which you will be advised on to make sure you get the photos you want. I would advise you bring along any favoured props, toys for the kiddies etc, you get the idea and also changes of outfits to mix up the shoot, after all variety is the spice of life!

Artwork is a big influence on what I do, this is an area where most high street companies charge an absolute fortune for a canvas or large print... but not here!

Wall Artwork is not a range of fixed products, it can't be, I can and will create new styles if that is what your images need to be shown off in the best way. It's my knowledge and creativity that you are paying for, put simply "my time to create the artwork"...the printing, framing, canvas etc still costs the same as if it was a single image, a Montage or a composite, it's simple really, don't you think?