Event photography

Event photography is possibly one of the most demanding on the photographer but at the same time the most exciting with a keen eye for detail, good understanding of light, composititon and great knowledge of the right equipment to use.

Event photography covers virtually anything and everything, if you want a photographer (or two) and need the images printing there and then, it's Event Photography !

- Birthdays/Anniversaries - Family gatherings - Corperate/Team Building -
- Kids Parties - Fancy Dress/Themed Parties - School Proms -
- Football Tournaments - Sports Competition - Cheerleading / Gymnastics -
- Motocross - Autograss - Kitesurfing - Horse events / Point to Point -
- the list goes on and on.....

Some of the events listed above are taken naturally like the sport and outdoor events but some will require a portable studio set up, this is not a problem and have various options as long as the site is suitable then off we go. I use dedicated photo printers at 12" x 8" (A4) and 9" x 6" (A5) sizes and the images are presented in a mount and a bag.

If you have an event and wish to discuss things in detail do please get in touch I have large frame 6m x 3M and smaller 3m x 3m gazebos for outdoor events so should have most things covered, so to speak.